Placentophagy? What is it?


I was reading a motherhood magazine article the other day when I cam across a term I didn’t fully understand.


Human placentophagy is the practice of eating the placenta, after birth. In other words, it is when the mother eats the placenta after giving birth to her child.

placenta encapsulation

I had not heard of this as a trend until I read this article. That’s when I decided to look into it further and I found some really interesting placenta encapsulation information. That’s the terminology for it, placenta encapsulation. At least when the placenta is eaten in capsule format.

This practice is done for various different reasons, especially by new mothers to combat post partum depression. And actually it’s been around for many hundreds of years and popular in countries like China and India.

The reason it’s becoming more popular in the United States is at least in some part because of celebrities taking up this trend and running with it. Not to mention the health benefits are real. The placenta is a huge source of nutrients, including large amounts of iron and vitamins b-6 and b-12. These nutrients help recovering mothers feel better faster after their children are born.

I know I sure could have used some help feeling better after my kids were born, wish I had known about this new trend in mothering. For more information check out this article.

Hello and Welcome


Hi everyone!

My name is Cathy Nelson and I’m a 33 year old mother of 3. (Wow that’s a lot of 3s)

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I started thinking about blogging or doing some form of writing a few months ago when my youngest started going to pre school in the afternoons.

This is the result of that thought process, Mother Found. I’ll be writing about whatever things I find interesting particularly relating to motherhood!

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